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BURN Shake

BURN Shake is a low calorie (111 cal), zero saturated/transfat supplement which provides complete nutrition including protein and amino acid. It's a great-tasting way to achieve your weight loss goal.

BURN Shake contains high protein which help shake off hunger and other ingredients instrumental in weight loss such as HCA, L-carnitine, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Guarana.

Soy Protein Isolate
Mixed Cereal Powder(Unpolished Rice, Barley, Milled Rice, Corn, Glutinous Rice, Black Bean, Black Sesame, Black Rice, Adlay, Sorghum)
Cocoa Powder
Cookies & Cream Flavor Powder
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Powder(HCA)
Mixed Fruit Concentrate Powder
Mixed Fruit Concentrate (Orange, Mango, Passion Fruit, Guava, Banana)
Fish Collagen
Amino Acid Mixed Powder
Green Tea Extract Powder
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Guarana Extract Powder
Aloe Vera Gel Powder
Papain Powder

Take 1 sachet(30grams) mixed with 200mL of milk or water
(Milk 200mL = 130cal)

Consume 1-2 sachets/day
GMP and Halal Certified

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