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AIM Global is looking for partner distributors. Be a part of Our Growing community and enjoy a financial FREEDOM for life!

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How to Become an AIM Global Distributor

There are 2 ways to JOIN AIM Global. First is You can join Online by clicking this button...

Become a Distributor

OR, You can JOIN by following these steps...

STEP # 1

Go to any AIM Global Business Center Office (BCO) located in your area and purchase a Global Package. You may Contact us for the location.

Aim Global

***Global Packages may vary depending on your Country

The Global Package contains your Business Kit including AIM Global Products that you may use or sell, Folder for presentation, ID and ATM application form, etc.

STEP # 2

ASK for the Registration Codes

Aim Global

Every Global Package has a unique Registration codes

The Registration codes consists of User ID and Security PIN. This registration code will be used to activate your AIM Global membership and gain access to your AIM Global Distributor Tracking Center (DTC)

STEP # 3

Prepare the following information:

1. Registration Codes (User ID and Security PIN) ***You may take a Photo of the codes

2. Last Name, First Name, Middle Name (You may follow the name from your Passport)

3. Date of Birth (example: 01-Jan-1980)

Send these information to this Contact: ...CLICK HERE

Once we received these information, we will activate your DTC, and we will send you your USER ID and your temporary password for your DTC. You may change your password once you have successfully logged-in to your DTC.

STEP # 4

You may start your AIM Global Business using the 6 Major Ways to Earn

To Maximize your potential income per day, we also offer 3 heads and 7 heads

Aim Global income

Package Type

No. of Heads

Potential Income

Starter Package


US$528 per day

Entrepreneurial Package


US$1,584 per day

International Builders Package


US$3,696 per day

***Package Price is (No. of Heads) multiply by (Global Package Price)

CLICK know more about Multiple Heads

Be a part of Our Growing community!

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