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C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals is a breakthrough product from Nature's Way,and is exclusively distributed by Alliance In Motion Global in Asia. C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals is approved as Halal by the Muslims and Kosher by the Jews.


A superior and great source of fish oil that has 1000mg vitamin E and molecularly distilled DHA that are important in lowering bad cholesterol in the body.

Complete Phyto-energizer

It’s a cleanser, healer, and energizer fused into one capsule to produce a maximum result for body’s ultimate benefit. It has the most numbers of anti-oxidants with approximately 16,000 phytonutrients to boast of.

Vida Drink

Vida! is a refreshing instant cardio-ceutical drink that combines the power of resVida and quality carotenoid lycopene to keep your heart in tip-top shape.


CareLeaf is a natural, non-addictive breakthrough product. Micro layers infused with adaptogens combining a natural blend of powerful minerals & herbal ingredients delivering immediate relief to musculoskeletal pain.


Burn Mate Ice Tea

Here's a refreshingly healthy Mate Iced Tea that you and your body will surely enjoy! Frutarom with its patented EFLA Hyperpure process technology, developed Finomate, a patented green mate leaf extract with human clinical studies providing efficacy on weight loss and increase of energy/vitality through multiple mechanisms of action.

Burn Slim

A special supplement that uses environmentally and body-friendly ingredients that work in synergy to efficiently burn the excess fat in the body. It has the most effective,safe ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, White Kidney Bean and Linoleic Acid to give a fast result to your weight worries.

Burn Shake

BURN Shake is a low-calorie, zero saturated/transfat supplement, which provides complete nutrition including protein and amino acid. It contains high protein that helps shake off hunger. It also has other ingredients for weight loss such as HCA, L-Carnittine, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Guarana.

Healthy Coffee

Liven Alkaline Original

It's the first alkaline coffee in the world that balances the PH level of the body. What's more, it can protect the heart from various diseases and control blood pressure. It can also do wonders to your skin, sipping coffee while rejuvenating the skin is always a welcome treat!

Liven Alkaline Latte

Liven Alkaline Latte can help your brain focus more on what you are doing and keeps your memory in a good condition. Apart from this, it can keep your mind and body alert without any worry of side effects from a coffee.

Liven Alkaline Cappucino

This coffee gives you additional energy that you need and it also protect you from having high blood pressure, can prevent degenerative diseases, it lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, promotes healthy heart away from different diseases.

Liven Alkaline Sugar-free

Liven Alkaline Sugar-Free Coffee is high quality and highly regarded for its distinct taste and aroma because it is made of the finest class of Arabica Coffee beans, and fortified with the COMPLETE PHYTO-ENERGIZER!

Liven Burn Coffee

Made from premium Arabica Beans, fortified with Complete Phyto-Energizer, Satiereal, Carnipure, Green Tea Extract EFLA 942, Garcinia Cambogia & Anhydrous Caffeine. It increases metabolism, energy and supports weight loss management.


Kiddi Nutragummies

It contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals plus 26 fruits and vegetables all formed into gummies for kids satisfaction. Kiddi 24/7 NutraGummies is safe for every youngster because it has no yeast, gelatin, dairy, gluten, eggs, peanut or other allergens and no preservatives or artificial flavors, too.

My Choco

Made from premium cocoa blend infused with DHA powder for better development, and boosting of the brain to keep it functioning properly whether you're in your prime or adolescent years. It has antioxidants to slow down aging, Stearic acid that controls cholesterol accumulation, and phenylethylamine that gives pleasant and happy feelings in the brain that most chocolates do.

Beauty and Hygiene, Anti Ageing


Restorlyf can protect your heart from possible damages and the powerhouse of every cell called mitochondria from inflammation. Keeping these parts in good health can possibly help achieve your goal for a longer life.

Natural Feminine Wash

This natural feminine wash is dermatologically-tested pH balanced and contains 100% no harmful chemicals. Elemi oil helps prevent UTI, Guava leaf and Aloe Vera extracts prevent itchiness, block allergens, and act as an antibacterial and antiseptic.

Natural Masculine Wash

Men deserve a better, private and proper hygiene. It is dermatologically-tested to have 100% no harmful chemicals and pH balanced. Akapulko extract serves as an effective natural antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral active ingredient.

Naturacentials Toothpaste

A combination of nature’s most effective oral care ingredients – Bee propolis, Tea tree extract, Myrrh extract, Piper Betel extract, and Aloe Vera, fortified with 16,000 phytonutrients from Complete Phyto-Energizer.

Antioxidant Facial Toner

Clinically proven to illuminate skin, eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to retain moisture in the skin and prevent skin shrinkage. Controls sebum over production, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes and shields skin from environmental aggression. Naturally reduces swelling, irritation and fight acne causing bacteria. Works as a natural astringent with soothing and cooling benefits.

Coffee Scrub + Mask

Clinically proven to break down surplus fat deposits and activate the removal of fat from cells. Removes dead skin cells and encourages skin regeneration and skin moisture retention, leaving skin smooth and hydrated. Lessens the appearance of stretch marks by rapidly healing minor tears within several layers of the skin caused by sudden and excessive stretching. Extremely high in Vitamin E. prevents scarring and smoothens out existing scars.

Strawberry Face + Body Pore Refining Whitening

Clinically proven to illuminate skin, eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Enriched with the powerful antioxidant Ellagic Acid that lightens dark spots and blemishes and prevents collagen destruction. Combats skin irritation and aids in the treatment of acne, dermatitis, eczema, sores, and oily skin. Removes dead skin cells and encourages skin regeneration and skin moisture retention, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

Instant White Face + Body Lotion

Clinically proven to illuminate skin, eliminate dark spots, and prevent hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to retain moisture in the skin and prevent skin shrinkage. Inhibits melanin synthesis, acts as a UVA/UVB Blocker, and protects skin against photo-oxidation and sunburn. Prevents thickened, scaly skin by blocking the abnormal maturation of skin cells. Extremely high in Vitamin E, prevents scarring and smooths out existing scars.

Oxygen Bar Soap

Clinically proven to increase human dermal fibroblast cell growth and prevent depression of fibroblast activity as well as inhibit moisture release from skin, resulting in increased skin elasticity and rapid wrinkle prevention. Clinically proven to illuminate skin, eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to retain moisture in the skin and prevent skin shrinkage. Clinically proven to promote rapid, intense, and long-term whitening. Infuses a powerful burst of Oxygen to the skin to promote healing and encourage cell rejuvenation.

Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar Soap

Dermatologically-formulated to remove deep seated dirt, whiten skin, remove blemishes while leaving skin feeling cool and energized. Enjoy all these benefits without the harmful chemicals that may damage and dry your skin. This natural soap is made of bamboo charcoal and peppermint essential oil combined with Lumin8 Derma Complex, all-natural whitening ingredients made in Spain, tested in Japan.

Anti Radiation

Ener-chi Diffuser

Ener-chi Diffuser. This is purposely made to protect every gadget-user from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Field radiation. It can be used for cellular phones, WiFi, appliances and other electronics in your household. Enjoy the convenience of using electronics but don't forget to secure your health.

Ener-chi Pendant Black

By putting on Ener-chi Pendant, your immune system will be boosted, improves body flexibility, increases stamina and performance, and shields the body from threats coming from viruses and harmful bacteria. This is not magic, it's Ener-chi Pendant working for you!

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